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Aquamarine is the birthstone of March and the gem of 19th wedding anniversary.
It signifies faithfulness, friendship and courage.  Its name actually comes from Latin word meaning „water of the sea.” In the past they were priced possesions of ancient sailors who kept them during their journeys for a safe passage. Nowadays priced for their durability and glimmering, mesmerizing blue color.

Aquamarine belongs to Beryl family just like emeralds, morganites, white beryls and heliodors. It is a durable stone, perfect for every day wear as it does not scratch easily. It ranks at 7.5- 8 on the Mohs Scale. Because it is a hard stone, it can be cut and faceted into many shapes and sizes.

Aquamarine occurs in various shades like light blue-green, or even light green. The deep colors are the most valuable. A deeply saturated blue is the most desired and valuable of aquamarins. Smaller sized aquamarines (less than 5mm) typically have a lighter shade as their size limits their abilitity to showcase a deep blue color. 

What interesting, is the fact that aquamarine normally has far fewer inclusions and fractures than for example oter beryl- emeralds. Most of the aquamarine seen in jewelry stores is usually eye clean and without visible fractures.

Great aquamarine deposits are located in Brazil but also can be found in Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Australia, India and Madagascar. It was 1910 when the largest aquamarine ever was found and it was in Brazil. The stone weight was 243 pounds with the total weight of 200,000 carats. 

Aquamarine jewelry has been very popular for years. It is one of the favorite stones chosen for engagement rings. Whether simple aquamarine stone set in gold or more fancy with diamonds around the center stone- it always enchants with its stunning blue sparkle. It will add you style and elegance. 

In Arpelc aquamarine collection you will find beautiful, dainty aquamarine rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. We use beautiful AAA+ quality, natural, eye clean, Earth mined aquamarine. The aquamarines are set in 14k or 18k eco-friendly, recycled gold. 

I am  curious about your thoughts on aquamarine jewelry.  Share with them!

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